About Our Shop


I (Michael) started leather work as a creative outlet that I could do inside and take a minimal amount of room compared to wood and metal working.  My brother Ethan has become a somewhat regular helper along with the occasional help from the rest of the family. 

I try to keep my designs on the simpler side by making them with fewer individual pieces by creating patterns that use one piece of leather to make the front, back, sides and top.  This results in less usable material from a given side of leather but results in less stress joints and a clean overall look.  Everything I make is hand stitched using the “saddle stitch” technique with my preference of using a thread that contrast the leather and reserving the use of rivets for high stress locations only.

We hope to keep a small inventory available while trying our hand at different products and designs but would love to make you a custom item.  Feel free to contact us for any custom work inquires.

Michael Hicks